About Us

Kiwis love the great outdoors and The Limit has been introducing innovative ways for New Zealanders to enjoy their leisure time since 1991.

It all began with a South Australian winery tour back in 1990 when Gavin Campbell first played Petanque (or jeu de boules as the French would say) during stops between wineries.

A native of Hawkes Bay, Gavin quickly saw the potential for the game, “best played with a glass of wine in your hand” and set about introducing and marketing the popular game to New Zealand with Integrale Boules.

Encouraged by the huge response to Petanque, Gavin began to add other traditional games and outdoor activities to the range – all with a focus on leisure, lifestyle and outdoor enjoyment, quickly establishing the company’s motto “The sky is The Limit as to what we can do in our leisure time”.

From retro radios to free-standing hammocks, The Limit is now a trusted and established supplier of fun, innovative products all designed to make the best use of our leisure time.

So take your time to view the range and discover just how much more fun and pleasure The Limit can bring to our lives.


Petanque / Boules 
Introduced in 1991 with the ‘Integrale Boule’  brand from France, followed by Smoby Junior Boules  in 1993.

Foosball/Table Soccer
Re-introduced in 1994 following its popularity in the 50’s and 60’s.

Re-vitalised in 1993 through distribution of the ‘Front Lawn’ and ‘Family’ brands.

Re-introduced in 1993 with the premium ‘Pawleys Island’ brand from South Carolina, USA .

Picnic Backpacks
Introduced  in 1999. Now offering Retro Picnic Suitcase

Table-Top Heater
Introduced the premium quality high grade stainless steel model, under the ‘Star Outdoor’ brand in 2002.   

Portable Sun Umbrella
A clever 2 metre sun umbrella and stand that folds into an 85cm zip carry bag under the ‘Star Outdoor’ brand in 2003.

The Limit’s Audio Range
Introduced in 2004, these Retro Record Players, Jukeboxes, Radios and Transistors are a revival from the 50’s. Old style, new technology.  

The Limit’s Touch-Tone Table Top Telephone
The first (Tele-permitted) retro styled touch tone telephone on the market since the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The Gibson BBQ/Utility Lighter Collection
Introduced in 2010, these functional, refillable lighters themed to appeal to the kiwi lifestyle - fishing, hunting, shooting and DYI - enjoyed immediate success and remain a top selling line.